Barachel Orchard is sold!   to Mohan and Ami Peiris

who own Francis Farms in Helensville where they grow macadamias.  

 Our on-site manager will live here to look after your requirements and ensure Aotea Macadamias moves onwards and upwards!

The most nutritious tree nut in the world! Locally grown Spray-free macadamia nuts are processed ready for shipment directly from our Northland orchard to clients throughout New Zealand at genuine wholesale prices!
  The ultimate food for healthy living with the LCHF Diet.

MACADAMIAS are the ONLY NUTS processed in our registered premises.


Why Macadamias?
Besides being incredibly delicious Macadamia Nuts are recommended by doctors throughout the world particularly for "special-needs" diets such as FODMAPS because of their HIGH PROTEIN content, LOW CARBS, LOW GI, and their comfortable assimilation by sensitive metabolisms. Cardiologists recognize their usefulness for their heart patients and it has recently been discovered that Vitamin B17 - high in raw macadamia kernel - might be a strong anti-cancer agent!

We are excited about being part of a world-wide HEALTH CULTURE and enjoy providing a delicious food that is also extremely good for you!

All product is prepared in our own registered food processing facility with a full HSE Act audit in place.

Processing operation.

Macadamia nuts are cracked, processed and packed in our registered premises.  Food safe Nitrogen is used as an inert gas to protect the nuts from the detrimental effects of oxidation.

WE BUY SPRAY-FREE NUTS FROM OTHER GROWERS!  Don't know what to do with your lovely macadamia nuts?  Contact us if you'd like to sell your new season's harvest.  We could supply referrals from some of our current suppliers.

Mohan and Ami

Feel free to phone our manager at - 021 140 8565 or email us at < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.