Whats Happening Now?

SOLD TO MOHAN AND AMI PEIRIS.  THEIR CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New Pest Control generation - cute little bug eaters/macadamia nut egg producers.

We're looking forward to a good crop and you'll see a milk container lurking in this tree with moth lure.  Hopefully we won't lose as many nuts prematurely to guava moth this year.  Ahhh - that would be nice - we have to be believers!


 We beavers cracking and packing in our kitchen - Sylvienne, Patricia and Shura 


Still waiting for English language manual from Wuxi Kingunion - I won't be buying anything more from China!


Harvesting and processing of 2015 nuts is now in full swing.  We are now able to take orders.

Chocolate Enrobing machine arriving mid- September. Pure Indulgence!

Watch this space !!!!


We're looking for sturdy volunteers to help move chip and split logs after a major tree felling event.  Bring your shovel, Quinn!






WE'VE SOLD OUT OF AOTEA BLEND AND FANCY NUTS - SORRY!  Next season's crop will come on stream in a few months.  BUT a few seconds are still available - Going; Going .....!

Some little Aussie immigrants are in for a big surprise.  Better late than never - I'm hanging Guava Moth traps throughout the orchard.  They can't help but be attracted to something that smells like ice-cream topping!  Who'd have thought Vanilla and Vegemite would blend so well?! 


Important Health Benefit News!  A delighted customer (October 2014) has succeeded in drastically reducing her cholesterol levels by incorporating macadamias in her diet.  She is ordering again for herself and her friends!  Congratulations Margaret!

We're buying spray free nuts from safe growers.  Don't know what to do with this year's harvest?  Talk to us about taking in your crop.  Conditions apply.