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2017 harvest is underway and new season nuts are starting to come through the processing premises. 

AOTEA BLEND is our wholesale product distributed throughout New Zealand.  It is run-of-cracker and consists of wholes, halves and pieces.

Payment is required prior to dispatch unless otherwise negotiated.  The shelled nuts are packed in 2kg foil bags, flushed with food safe Nitrogen and manually vacuumed for an extended shelf life.  

Freight: The many different orders and destinations mean our freight charges vary but we do our best to find the best deal available.  Small orders go in a NZ Post prepaid bubble bag.  Larger ones are delivered by Post Haste Couriers and their associates.  Rural delivery incurs an extra fee.

Please note all prices are quoted exclusive of GST.  

Aotea Blend : Bulk raw macadamia nut kernel minimum order of 8KGS ................ $34.00 per Kg.
Aotea Blend : Bulk raw macadamia nut kernel amounts less than 8KGS ................$39.00 per Kg

To Order Aotea Blend : 

Save $ 1 per kg by ordering and paying online :

or phone the manager on 021 140 8565 to place a phone order at the prices given on this page

 Seconds are very restricted  - available  at $21.75 + GST /kg for order of 8 Kg     

(Check out our FAQs page for a full description)

We look forward to providing you with fine spray-free NZ grown macadamia nut kernel!


Manager:-   phone: 021 140 8565

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