Who are we?

Aotea Macadamias was run by husband and wife team Tom & Sylvienne McClelland. They planted their first tree in sub-tropical Waipu, Northland in 1985.     

 A passion for healthy food grown in as organic manner as possible led the McClellands to a run down dairy farm in Northland.  A macadamia 'guru' had advised Tom & Sylvienne to look for at least 50 acres of north facing slopes in a warm climate.  A week later they were starting the ground work for a 2000+ macadamia nut orchard protected from wind by around 10,000 shelter trees - all this planned on rough bare land of kikuyu and thistles, pipe clay and bog. 

Tom was bringing home the bacon from the WDC where his accounting and management skills were put to good use.  For many years both Tom and Sylvienne were very involved with the Macadamia Nut Cooperative and developed a large and successful marketing strategy for that organisation with a number of highly satisfied clients.   

Now decades later around 1/2 the trees have been thinned out and many of the carefully planted pines, gums, casuarinas, leyland cypress and alders removed.  

NEW OWNERS Mohan and Ami Peiris are carrying the baton with Philip managing the orchard and processing plant on-site at Barachel Orchard.

The Emperor of tree nuts continues to provide you with healthy, nutritious food!  All of us at Barachel look forward to supplying you with raw Aotea Macadamia nut kernel consisting of a mix of whole nuts and pieces - "The Aotea Blend".  

To your Excellent Health!